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She wanted the d and she got the d. Gotta give the Maiar that. :’D


Some Maia just bring out the worst in us. *looks at you Sauron*

Well being frozen in an entranced daze for two centuries or so is bound to change you a bit. XD Melian turned him into a googly-eyed Nelyarin popsicle, and he just wasn’t the same after that. XD

People liking him make me angry most of the time, because we just have very different views on the world. :’D

I like him as Elwe but not as Thingol. XD Pre-Melian I’m fond of him and totally ship Finwe/Elwe but post-Melian not so keen.

There is very little positive about Thingol and this ban is quite possibly the last of things I would mention. :’D Just NOPE.

He has some good bits, but that is definitely not one of them. And people applauding him for it just make me so angry.

basically this

I saw one too many posts framing the Ban as a good thing. And so, ranting happened. XD

Stolen Speech

Ohhh, yeah, the Noldor were so imperialist for wanting to preserve their own damn language.

No. Stop.

The Noldor adapted. They adopted Sindarin for daily use. They changed their names of their own free will. They did not try to force Quenya upon the Sindar.

Thingol’s Ban was not saving the Sindar from anything. There was no danger of losing Sindarin in the first place! (And friendly reminder that Thingol also looked down on people who used the dialect of the Northern Sindar because he didn’t trust them.)

The Noldor had their language stolen from them by the Ban. It placed social ostracism upon anyone, guilty or innocent, who dared you know, use their birth-tongue, speak the words and sing the songs of their parents and grandparents. Banning a language is a wound to a culture, a wound that does not readily heal.

So before you praise Thingol for his Ban, try reframing the issue. Consider the Noldor as immigrants, who have settled in a new land (a land in which some of them, or their parents, were born, in the cases of the older generations, by the way), who have accepted the speech of the majority population… and who are then forbidden to use their own language at all. It doesn’t look so pretty and shiny now, does it?

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